Where do I begin? Girls are definitely a breed all their own, and its not like one is isn’t enough, but here I am with two very different girls. One minute they get along great and the next 23 hours and 59 minutes later I’m playing referee. LOL! I have never seen two people argue so much. Nothing is off limits they would argue about air if they could. “She’s looking at me”, “she’s breathing on me” and so on and so forth. As I write this they followed me into the kitchen just to argue when they were peacefully watching a movie in my room two seconds ago. Now that I think about it maybe they really don’t dislike each other as much as they appear to. I believe they are in cahoots with each other to just drive me insane! So now after this two minute argument and me trying to figure out what the problem is they have now agreed to go outside and play TOGETHER! Yup, it just a ploy to take me to crazyville and my oldest daughter is the conductor.

There is plenty more to say about this two, but lets leave me something to write about for the next 90 years. Mothers of daughters if you have one please, I beg of you don’t do it again, don’t even try for that boy because I am telling you ONE IS ENOUGH! For my mothers of multiple girls, I hear your silent screams, to you I say…Screw it scream out loud and follow that with a bottle ( I mean glass, smirk) of wine. We get it and its okay to lose your mind. I PROMISE!!

You have no idea what it took to get this picture! LOL!